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Hattie’s Hat | Seattle, WA

5231 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

It was post dinner time in the city on a Friday night and some friends and I were craving an adult beverage with a non hectic bar-type crowd. When asked by me, the local tourist, “where is a staple bar to visit?” (and that meets our desired criteria) they responded “Hattie’s.”

Known for being Ballards oldest and most historic bar, I was excited to cheers at this landmark of a restaurant/bar. Upon arrival around 9pm, the wait was about one minute as we were quickly seated and in the back where the walls were decorated with old records. After a round of domestic brews we needed something else. The real treat came when our sweet tooth decided to take precedent over a second drink and we decided to order some desserts which were quickly inhaled.

What we had: chocolate cream pie and cherry pie.

Come here if: you want to experience a mellow yet lively vibe, good and personable service and diner meets comfort desserts like their plethora of delicious pies.

Expect to pay: $

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Tender Greens | San Diego, CA

2400 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego, CA 92106

When it comes to unique concepts, Tender Greens brings fresh farm to table meals with a cafeteria style approach to serving customers who crave something well tender and green.

With fresh Artisan Bakery breads, a selection of refreshing beverages (including choice wines and beers) and daily baked desserts I recommend Tender Greens for foodie enthusiasts who want to not only taste dishes such as a flank steak salad with golden beets but who also want to see it prepared right before their eyes too!

What I had: grilled vegetable and steak tart with their daily special soup–beef lentil.

Come here: If you feel like you’ve eaten poorly all week and/or want to eat some quality, good for you, fresh ingredient foods.

Expect to pay: $-$$

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Rooster PM | Costa Mesa, CA

Rooster PM

750 St. Clair St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The first time I dined here was a smidge earlier than dinner time where I usually enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee. Little did I know Rooster Cafe transformed into Rooster PM.

Led by a different gang of people, Rooster PM turns dinner into a mellow-vibed hang out that serves tapas and some delicious libations. Their menu is simple and precise while offering different and creative specials nightly.

After making a a reservation (though it’s casual dining, seating is limited) two gal pals and I surely enjoyed a night of fine and well-portion sized food in a setting that thought felt casual was also a rich experience.

What I had: Grilled rib-eye atop a bed of lettuce with blue cheese, tomatos, red onions drizzle with a raspberry vinaigrette.

Come here: If you want quick and quality service in what feels like an open spaced “hole in the wall,” fresh ingredients for a decent price and to not feel overly full after your indulgence.

Expect to pay: $

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