Olive Tree Market | San Diego, CA

4805 Narragansett Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107

To say I’m unbiased is tough since this deli/market is right down the hill from where I live so though it’s really convenient for me, it also happens to be one of the best places to get a quality sandwich with quality ingredients. And the free pickle that goes with it is just the added bonus…

What I had: It’s taken me a couple of times to choose my “signature sandwich” so above you can view what I think may be my official choice. It’s called the George Washington and has roast beef, turkey, smoked cheddar and of course your choice of tomato, mustard, mayo, lettuce, etc. Sans the mayo, you’ll know what to order me next time. And all this glory is between toasted rye.

Come here if: You are on your lunch break, need something fresh to eat or are on your way to a picnic. The pros of this deli meets market is that you can easily grab a bag of chips, a plethora of beverages to your liking or some of their homemade cookies (it’s the size of your face) to go along with your meal. Also its personable here since their sandwiches can be a half or full order and can be hot or cold. Whatever you want, they will make it happen.

Expect to pay: $

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