Raglan Public | Ocean Beach, CA

1851 Bacon St
(between Niagara Ave & Newport Ave)
San Diego, CA 92107

Being a freelance Writer meets foodie, happy hour bodes well for me so I’m constantly on the look out for some quality food meets happy hour and have found it in my neighborhood in Ocean Beach. Raglan Public.

What I had: I’ve been here a couple of times but recently I enjoyed their happy hour (until 6pm) which includes half of appetizers and deals on drinks. A friend and I got sangria ($3.75), a as you can tell LARGE soft pretzel with gentleman jack mustard and a roasted jalapeno sauce (both are equally delicious though the former will be sure to clear your nasal passage) and their grilled corn which comes in two ear corns portioned in 4 servings topped with sriracha mayo and parmesan cheese. In addition to the happy hour menu items, we also splurged  via regular menu and split their Queenstown Fave which is their 100% grass feed and certified organic beef burger topped with edam cheese. We were full and consequently very happy.

Come here if: If you need to wind down from a long and busy day, enjoy interior design and aesthetics of a restaurant or feel like eating the usual burger but with unique sauces and freshly baked buns (known for their burgers). After all, Raglan is an experience inspired by the land down under, so if you have a curious taste bud, Raglan is for you.

Expect to pay: $-$$

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