Brooklyn Girl Eatery | Mission Hills

4033 Goldfinch Street
San Diego, CA 92103
Neighborhood: Mission Hills

Tucked away in a quaint neighborhood is Brooklyn Girl Eatery, a quintessential upscale Italian restaurant rooted in Brooklyn blood. I had the pleasure of indulging here on my 25th birthday and was delighted from start to finish.

What I had: The whole table of friends shared their plates of food which is the only way I truly suggest to eat, especially in a more upscale setting. But what I ordered personally were three items. An appetizer of potato latkes with apple butter dipping sauce, duck and date salad (pictured) made of frisee, spinach, marcona almonds, banyals vinaigrette and oyster sliders made with whole grain mustard aioli served with salt & vinegar hill chips.

Come here if: you dig ecclectic decor, hanker  some east coast influence meets a community-rooted and artisan driven atmosphere or simply want to celebrate any occasion that you can cheers a specialty cocktail with. It’s easy to let time escape while dwelling at Brooklyn Girl.

Expect to pay: $-$$$

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Raglan Public | Ocean Beach, CA

1851 Bacon St
(between Niagara Ave & Newport Ave)
San Diego, CA 92107

Being a freelance Writer meets foodie, happy hour bodes well for me so I’m constantly on the look out for some quality food meets happy hour and have found it in my neighborhood in Ocean Beach. Raglan Public.

What I had: I’ve been here a couple of times but recently I enjoyed their happy hour (until 6pm) which includes half of appetizers and deals on drinks. A friend and I got sangria ($3.75), a as you can tell LARGE soft pretzel with gentleman jack mustard and a roasted jalapeno sauce (both are equally delicious though the former will be sure to clear your nasal passage) and their grilled corn which comes in two ear corns portioned in 4 servings topped with sriracha mayo and parmesan cheese. In addition to the happy hour menu items, we also splurged  via regular menu and split their Queenstown Fave which is their 100% grass feed and certified organic beef burger topped with edam cheese. We were full and consequently very happy.

Come here if: If you need to wind down from a long and busy day, enjoy interior design and aesthetics of a restaurant or feel like eating the usual burger but with unique sauces and freshly baked buns (known for their burgers). After all, Raglan is an experience inspired by the land down under, so if you have a curious taste bud, Raglan is for you.

Expect to pay: $-$$

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Olive Tree Market | San Diego, CA

4805 Narragansett Avenue
San Diego, CA 92107

To say I’m unbiased is tough since this deli/market is right down the hill from where I live so though it’s really convenient for me, it also happens to be one of the best places to get a quality sandwich with quality ingredients. And the free pickle that goes with it is just the added bonus…

What I had: It’s taken me a couple of times to choose my “signature sandwich” so above you can view what I think may be my official choice. It’s called the George Washington and has roast beef, turkey, smoked cheddar and of course your choice of tomato, mustard, mayo, lettuce, etc. Sans the mayo, you’ll know what to order me next time. And all this glory is between toasted rye.

Come here if: You are on your lunch break, need something fresh to eat or are on your way to a picnic. The pros of this deli meets market is that you can easily grab a bag of chips, a plethora of beverages to your liking or some of their homemade cookies (it’s the size of your face) to go along with your meal. Also its personable here since their sandwiches can be a half or full order and can be hot or cold. Whatever you want, they will make it happen.

Expect to pay: $

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Haute Cakes Caffe | Costa Mesa, CA


1807 Westcliff Dr
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Breakfast is my favorite time/meal/experience of the day. So its safe to say, when venturing out looking for the must morning eats, I was thrilled to have finally found, Haute Cakes Caffee. This Caffe, (yes, two “f’s”) is a consistently busy one but offers the most gourmet and fresh foods. From great drip coffee (Cafe Moto) to freshly baked goods to their famous orange ricotta pancakes, there is a wide range to order from if you are famished or just hankering for a small bite. In addition, they also serve gluten-free items too.

What I had: Im a classic omelet/eggs girl so above you can see their perfectly scrambled eggs with their signature salsa verde. Bacon done anyway you like (when it’s cooked this well, it’s perfection) plus their delicious, freshly baked sourdough bread.

Come here if: you want to experience an ideal atmosphere before a busy day,  gourmet breakfast to fuel you and delight your taste-bud and want anything but the diner meets breakfast vibe. This place is a little more buck than your usual breakfast perhaps but totally worth it.

Expect to pay: $-$$

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Hattie’s Hat | Seattle, WA

5231 Ballard Avenue NW
Seattle, WA 98107

It was post dinner time in the city on a Friday night and some friends and I were craving an adult beverage with a non hectic bar-type crowd. When asked by me, the local tourist, “where is a staple bar to visit?” (and that meets our desired criteria) they responded “Hattie’s.”

Known for being Ballards oldest and most historic bar, I was excited to cheers at this landmark of a restaurant/bar. Upon arrival around 9pm, the wait was about one minute as we were quickly seated and in the back where the walls were decorated with old records. After a round of domestic brews we needed something else. The real treat came when our sweet tooth decided to take precedent over a second drink and we decided to order some desserts which were quickly inhaled.

What we had: chocolate cream pie and cherry pie.

Come here if: you want to experience a mellow yet lively vibe, good and personable service and diner meets comfort desserts like their plethora of delicious pies.

Expect to pay: $

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Tender Greens | San Diego, CA

2400 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego, CA 92106

When it comes to unique concepts, Tender Greens brings fresh farm to table meals with a cafeteria style approach to serving customers who crave something well tender and green.

With fresh Artisan Bakery breads, a selection of refreshing beverages (including choice wines and beers) and daily baked desserts I recommend Tender Greens for foodie enthusiasts who want to not only taste dishes such as a flank steak salad with golden beets but who also want to see it prepared right before their eyes too!

What I had: grilled vegetable and steak tart with their daily special soup–beef lentil.

Come here: If you feel like you’ve eaten poorly all week and/or want to eat some quality, good for you, fresh ingredient foods.

Expect to pay: $-$$

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Rooster PM | Costa Mesa, CA

Rooster PM

750 St. Clair St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The first time I dined here was a smidge earlier than dinner time where I usually enjoyed a breakfast sandwich and cup of coffee. Little did I know Rooster Cafe transformed into Rooster PM.

Led by a different gang of people, Rooster PM turns dinner into a mellow-vibed hang out that serves tapas and some delicious libations. Their menu is simple and precise while offering different and creative specials nightly.

After making a a reservation (though it’s casual dining, seating is limited) two gal pals and I surely enjoyed a night of fine and well-portion sized food in a setting that thought felt casual was also a rich experience.

What I had: Grilled rib-eye atop a bed of lettuce with blue cheese, tomatos, red onions drizzle with a raspberry vinaigrette.

Come here: If you want quick and quality service in what feels like an open spaced “hole in the wall,” fresh ingredients for a decent price and to not feel overly full after your indulgence.

Expect to pay: $

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